What the Chefs Say

Matt Wilkinson Melbourne Chef

Matt Wilkinson - Melbourne

"I care about the origins"
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Peter Gordon NZ London Chef

Peter Gordon - NZ/London

"I love the consistent first rate quality of Heilala Vanilla."
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Paul Jobin Auckland Chef

Paul Jobin - Auckland

"Respect and integrity”
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Natasha MacAller USA

Natasha MacAller - USA

“It is fragrant yet not too flowery.”
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Gina DePalma New York Chef

Gina DePalma - New York

"I get to use a product that I feel really good about."
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Ken Takayama Chef California

Ken Takayama - California

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Jamie Gwen Chef USA

Chef Jamie Gwen - USA

"The intoxicating aroma!"
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Nick Honeyman Auckland

Nick Honeyman - Auckland

"Heilala Vanilla beans are soft and supple"
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Bernard Chu Melbourne Chef

Bernard Chu - Melbourne

“We use it in everything!” 
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stephanie prida - california

Stephanie Prida - California

"Heilala is a unique bean"
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