Vanilla Beans - Tonga 15g

Vanilla Beans - Tonga 15g

  • Direct from the Tongan Heilala Vanilla plantation to your pantry, these beans are in a resealable tube to ensure they remain fresh. The origin is renowned for quality Bourbon vanilla beans due to high vanillin content.

    Known as the versatile vanilla variety featuring strong classic creamy sweetness flavour tones. The robust vanilla profile suits savouries like stews and marinades or desserts such as custards, crème brûlées, cakes,  smoothies, mousse, fruit mince, pastry creams and jelly. 

    Use a whole bean if the recipe requests or lay the bean on a chopping board, split open with a sharp knife and scrape out the vanilla seeds (vanilla caviar). Approximately 3 beans in a 15gm tube.

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