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Matt Wilkinson - Melbourne

Matt Wilkinson Pope Joans Heilala Vanilla

"I care about the origins of my food and so does Heilala Vanilla, unlike most vanilla beans that are traded just like coffee and cocoa beans, without any traceability. Heilala is involved from plantation to pantry and they produce the best, juiciest, plumpest, quality fresh beans. I have a real love for using the whole bean, splitting it, scraping it, then drying and infusing it in my sugar.

I had tried many vanilla pastes in the past and would never use any of them as they contain so many added fillers, but when I tried Heilala Vanilla Paste I knew this was the way forward, it is a pure quality product. My Vanilla Rice Pudding with Rose Geranium Blueberries wouldn’t be the same without Heilala Vanilla".

Tonga Vanilla plantation Matt Wilkinson

Matthew Wilkinson
Chef/Co-Owner Pope Joan and Jack Horner
Author; Mr Wilkinson’s Favourite Vegetables, Simply Dressed Salads

Heilala Vanilla Australia

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