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Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Vanilla Milk

Published on November 17, 2015

Lewis Road Creamery Heilala Vanilla

A one hundred per cent pure vanilla extract made from premium, hand-selected and organically-grown Heilala Vanilla beans is what makes Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Vanilla Milk delicious and also unique. Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Vanilla Milk is available from selected supermarkets and specialty food stores nationwide. 

TASTING NOTES: Creamy butterscotch, honey, subtle fresh spiciness, hints of hazelnut,
fig and raisin. About Heilala Vanilla

Heilala’s vanilla is the Bourbon variety and every vanilla bean has quite a journey before it is
transformed into vanilla extract. The journey begins when the orchid plant flower opens, a rare event that happens only once a year in the morning, giving a four-hour window for hand-pollination to take place.

Nine months on a single green bean is produced and hand-picked before being dried and cured
under the South Pacific sun. The intensely flavoured vanilla beans are then shipped to Heilala Vanilla’s Tauranga headquarters where they undergo a careful extraction process over three months to gently draw out and preserve the delicate aromatics.

The result is a complex, creamy and mildly sweet vanilla extract that is gently warmed through Lewis Road Creamery’s Premium Whole Milk, with the addition of some natural cane sugar to complement the vanilla flavour, before being bottled. The use of a pure vanilla extract, and not an
essence, to create Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Vanilla Milk is believed to be a New Zealand-first
and quite possibly a world-first.

Heillala Vanilla founder Jennifer Boggiss is delighted with the product and the way it has allowed their vanilla to shine. “The process used to create Fresh Vanilla Milk means the delicate flavour of the vanilla is not lost but rather amplified resulting in an aromatic, subtly sweet and velvety milk that really is a taste sensation,” she says.

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